“The first thing God created was love – then came blood and the thirst for blood”

The Sentimentalists: Synopsis

An aged, prosperous and above any suspicion, bourgeois by the nickname ‘The Master’, lives isolated in a luxurious beachfront villa with his teenage daughter who he has kept well protected from the mischief of the outside world. Behind the façade of the vigorous art lover, however, he prospers by illegally trading antiquities in the black market and a loan sharking. The ‘Master’ has two henchmen to do his ‘dirty work’, Hermes and John. Both will commit a fatal mistake: while Hermes falls for the daughter of his ‘Master’, John is obsessed with a prostitute. Both will pay a heavy price for being ‘sentimentalists’…


A film by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
Greece, 2014, Running time 94΄ Languages: Greek, English

“The ‘Sentimentalists’ are creatures of the last century, which try in vain to survive in our contemporary times”
Nicholas Triandafyllidis, (director)